Alongside our seasonal ranges, we offer a bespoke service, which directly compliments the intimacy of our product. Your vision becomes very personal when controlled by exact requirements and wishes; these are taken very seriously and executed with the finest precision. 

Our step-by-step process will give you a confident insight into the world-class workmanship, which takes place within Crossland House, in Nottingham England. 

 We look forward to crafting your ideal luxury garment.

Sincerely yours, 
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Daniel Hanson

1. Contact us directly with your requirements. Any product references or visual stimuli will be gratefully received. Following consultation, we will present an initial cloth selection and approximate pricing for your consideration.

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Any apprehension I had about ordering a custom garment online quickly evaporated after contacting Daniel Hanson. 

James De Lorenzo
Becket, Massachusetts USA
11th April 2014

2. Dialogue regarding style preference, materials and further personalisation begins. These include, but are not limited to lining colour, piping or edging type, cuff style, pocket design, a family crest if required, and/or hand embroidered initials.


After choosing the colour and fabric and deciding to have my initials monogrammed on the inside label I placed my order. In a month’s time my robe arrived.

Marilyn Brockway
24th  March 2015

3. A computer-aided drawing is prepared for you. Personal measurements, which, can be obtained under instruction are established. Order confirmation with a delivery date is issued (normally six weeks) and payment made, for the production of your bespoke garment.


From conception, to design, to reality, your wise counsel, willingness to send fabric and trim swatches without delay and superb craftsmanship were unparalleled. 

Linda W Hart
14th May 2015

4. Upon completion, garments are packed in a presentation box designed for international export and dispatch. They remain our responsibility and fully insured until the moment they reach the hands of the addressed, named individual.


I have just returned from a trip and found the finished garment awaiting me and find it to be perfect in every respect. 

Stanley Marcus
30th June 1999


One of the beauties of our products is that they are privately indulged in garments. Many of our clients have dressing gowns they cherish and or have received from another generation or grandparent. Equally these garments are frequently worn, need repair or, indeed replicating.

  1.  We can re-weave the cloth and replicate the style of your favourite gown.
  2.  We can 'often' have cloth woven to your specification.

These are not simple or cheap processes but they can be done. Each requirement is assessed and broad-brush stroke costs are ascertained at the time of initial consultation.

reburbished gown

A gown left to me by my late father finally wore out, and your husband has supplied me with a beautifully made replacement.

Richard Coad
18th March 2015


It is true that after many years, and sometimes decades of everyday wear, your garment may require some restoration. We gladly undertake repair and re-lining duties to garments, which we have made.

Please get in touch if you have a query regarding this.

When I opened up and saw a brand new gown and remembered the state it was in when I gave it you, it brought home to me what a challenge it must have been for the factory...
...Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for its second life and please thank the staff who took so much care over the revival.

11th November 2018