In 1998 we received a well-used dressing gown from Mr Stanley Marcus himself. The request was that it was replicated for him. This was no mean task. The cloth was from several decades previous. We eventually found a company to weave a single length for the gown.  Mr Marcus gratefully received the finished product.

Mr Stanley Marcus’s 1998 letter begins a longstanding company appraisal history, which is brought through to the present via Sir Elton John’s testimonial, dated Nov. 2018. We are proud to share with you; these personal and sincere communications written to Daniel Hanson over the years.


ATTN: Daniel Hanson

November 2018

I have worn Daniel Hanson robes for many years now and absolutely love them! The luxurious fabrics, bespoke designs and unique and colorful patterns; I couldn't recommend them more highly.

I loved wearing one of Daniel's robes in the John Lewis Christmas advertisement this year.

This is to thank Daniel for his beautiful craftmanship and passion for design.

Yours truly,


Sir Elton John, CBE



Dear Daniel,

What a great surprise it was to find the parcel you left for me. I had almost forgotten about the dressing gown. When I opened up and saw a brand new gown and remembered the state it was in when I gave it you, it brought home to me what a challenge it must have been for the factory. Because I'd been wearing it day after day for many years, (since the late 1980s, I think) it was an essential part of the getting up in the morning routine and I hardly noticed how scruffy parts of it, the cuffs and the lapels, had become, whereas the main cloth seemed alright. It was only when the silk lining began to fall apart and I had to ask if you could reline it, that i felt really ashamed. You made no comment but I noticed when I visited the factory, it was hanging outside the staff toilet, as you explained, at the request of the staff.

The fact is that it was one of your earliest gowns and I have always been proud of it, especially when I recognised the cloth in the drawing made for publicity at the time and now framed on the factory wall. At first I did look after it and had it dry cleaned but as the years went by it was such a regular, essential part of the morning, it drifted imperceptibly, as far as I was concerned, into the state you found it. I promise to take care of it now - it will see me out.

Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for its second life and please thank the staff who took so much care over the revival.




Dear Julie,

I received the gown this morning. Many thanks. I was a perfect fit!!

This extraordinary beautiful gown is rather an art of work than a fine piece of clothing. I am delighted and very happy with your service.

Very best regards

Niklas Gyllensporre


Dear Daniel, Julie and everybody who has had a hand in making my lovely gown,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort in making my delightful dressing gown, with which I could not possibly be more pleased – it is just perfect – thank you very much indeed.  It is especially welcome amidst this very cold weather, though, come the summer I doubt I will want to take it off.

Thank you too for all of your efforts with the delivery situation – such care was a real comfort.

With every best wish

Andrew Penson


Mr Hanson,

I have just received and unpacked the gown.  I was, I will admit, somewhat trepidatious in doing so, and almost decided to defer the opening.  I was concerned that the reality would not live up to the expectation.  It is unfortunately all to common today to expend large sums only to be disappointed.

What a ridiculous worry!  The gown is magnificent!  You have so exceeded my (very high) expectations, that I am not sure there are enough exclamation marks to convey how pleased - and impressed - I am with the work you have done!  Far too rarely have I seen work of this quality and beauty.

This, though, creates two further issue.  First, I so much enjoy looking at the gown, that I am hesitant to wear it, although I am so impressed with how I look in it that I think I will soon get over this issue.  The second is that my wife already finds my habit of changing into my pyjamas, in an effort to push overstaying dinner guests out the door, annoying.  I can only imagine what she will say when I begin the dinner in my dressing gown!

Thank you again.

Best regards

Henry Sykes


Dear Daniel,

I hadn’t realised, until you mentioned the fact at your open evening, that I was one of your earlier customers. It was a great pleasure to see that 20 odd years since you made my gowns, you are still making everything to such high standards and with subtly evolving styles.

While there have been casualties in this time (I rather miss Sulka’s elegant windows from the Rue du Rivoli) it is wonderful to see that dressing gowns seem alive and well in the better shops in London – and, it seems, many of them supplied by you!

Long may this continue

Best Wishes


P.S. I am writing this not from home but from the Rock Hotel in Gibraltar, which recently refurbished would be a super backdrop for your gowns.



Your products are exquisite! Immediately recognizable anywhere (usually in films) by their shocking and impossible quality and taste. When I wanted to make a bespoke robe for my grandfather, I was surprised and thrilled to get to work directly with you. Thank you and keep up the breathtaking design!


David Moritz, CEO Society Awards



Dear Daniel:

It has been a real pleasure to work with you in connection with the design and fabrication of the two custom dressing gowns you and I designed together for my husband. From conception, to design, to reality, your wise counsel, willingness to send fabric and trim swatches without delay and superb craftsmanship were unparalleled.

The result is that my husband has been beyond thrilled with these dressing gowns. He would also want me to tell you that you were correct about the silk lining in one of the robes having a cooling effect. You have made a believer out of us both, and we are looking forward to placing our next order with you.

Most sincerely,



15 years ago we found a beautiful dressing gown in Newman Marcus in Beverley Hills. So impressed were we that we tracked down the designer and manufacturer and Hey presto. Daniel Hanson entered our lives. We have enjoyed many very successful collaborations with Daniel, including “Entrapment", "47 Ronin". "Pirates of the Caribbean”

Working with Daniel and his team is exhilarating. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and professional approach to the projects is exceptional. The finished costumes are superb and we hope to work with Daniel again in the near future.

Dear Daniel, hope this works, love the president of your fan club!

Penny Rose


I have known Daniel Hanson for quite some time. In fact Paul Stuart was the first company to buy his products in the United States, over 24 years ago!

Not only does he make superlative merchandise, but he is genuinely a delightful fellow and it has been my immense pleasure to have worked with him all these years.

Talented, tasteful, original and truly a nice guy!

I wish you continued success.


Michael Ostrove


Dearest Daniel

Really grateful for all the beautiful costumes you've been producing, you and your team are totally the best! Know you'll make better use than us of this tome – so hope you enjoy it, a very small token of our appreciation.

Thank you so much

Love Penny


Dear Mr Hanson,

After 57 years of marriage I thought I’d change the habits of a lifetime and surprise my wife with a present of my choosing, not hers.

I would like to thank you for your patience in helping me decide on colour and style of the cashmere dressing gown I eventually brought and ordered.

My wife was over the moon when her present arrived and still can’t believe I was able to do it. It shall remain our secret as without Julie’s help it would have not been possible.

Yours Faithfully

Colin Bunkham


Dear Sir,

I acquired six dressing gowns for my family for Christmas late last year. 

The gowns are fabulous. My family are delighted with them.

The materials used (silk & cashmere) are of the highest quality. The workmanship is exemplary. Your styling is outstanding.

Moreover, the shipping arrangements were quick and easy. Very professional indeed.

I write this to record my gratitude and appreciation.

I am an old customer, having bought a gown made by you 25 years ago. If they have a fault – perhaps they last too long!

You are a make of an outstanding product.

Again, many thanks,

Rob Waterhouse.


Dear Daniel,

My family & I very much liked seeing you feature in The Turnbull & Asser 130 year videos; Miles accorded you "celebrity status" (I am afraid)!

When we come to your open evening  I think you said that you were preparing for a few months travel, but if that's over now it would be great to meet up, either in London or Nottingham.

Perhaps I would also bring my dressing gowns in for their 60,000 mile service.

Best wishes



Dear Daniel,

You have always been the epitome of quality, design and luxury.

Having been a customer of yours for ten years, first at Barneys (New York) and now at OuiHours, we can continue our successful business relationship.

All my best,

Bonnie Pressman

Chief Merchant, OuiHours


To Whom it may concern.

From J.E. Sugden (OBE)

Reference Daniel Hanson

I have known daniel Hanson, both personally and via his product range for over 25 years.

As well as being a person of great integrity, and a very good designer, he also has an eye for manufacturing details. Hence his product range is unique in the UK, indeed Europe or the rest of the Western World. It is use of luxury, largely UK, fabrics combines with really good execution of make up conspire to produce a range of nightwear that sells in most luxury locations. As a consumer as a wholesale customer of longstanding. His range of products is outstanding. I recommend him as his products to any afficionados of luxury lifestyle goods.

J. E. Sugden

Managing director, Johnstons of Elgin.


Daniel and Julie Hanson are the best bespoke dressing gown manufacturers in the WORLD. Daniel sources the best material in the world and the resulting gown is far beyond my elevated expectations. I love my embroidered name in the gown for a personal touch. In fact I loved it so much that I am currently in touch to have another cashmere gown made.

Christopher Tang – Hong Kong


Years ago on a visit to London I bought a beautiful pale yellow robe at Harrods. I wore the robe for so many years that when the cuffs started looking shabby I had them reversed by my dressmaker. Finally. I realized it was time to replace this old friend.

When I was back in London in 2012 I went to Harrods hoping I would find another robe by Daniel Hanson. But, unfortunately, they had none in stock. Once I was back in the U.S. I asked at my lingerie shop if they could find a Daniel Hanson robe but that didn’t prove successful either. So, I went online and Googled Daniel A. Hanson and to my great delight the company name and information appeared on my screen.

I immediately called the Nottingham number and spoke to Julie Hanson. She was so friendly and helpful and said there would be no problem ordering a new robe. After choosing the colour and fabric and deciding to have my initials monogrammed on the inside label I placed my order. In a month’s time my robe arrived.

My entire experience from locating Daniel Hanson, speaking directly with both Julie and Daniel and ordering exactly what I wanted was exceeded only by my now, once again, enjoying this beautiful and luxurious gown.

Most sincerely,

Marilyn Brockway


Dear Julie & Daniel,

Thank you for the impeccable service and quality you have provided over the last three years.

Pretty much all my family are now the proud owners of Daniel Hanson dressing gowns and pyjamas. In fact, I am the only one without!

I wish you good luck and hope that you can give my family a ‘gentle’ prod.

Best Wishes 

Daniel Harris


Dear Mrs Hanson,

A gown left to me by my late father finally wore out, and your husband has supplied me with a beautifully made replacement.

This included his arranging for a similar cloth pattern to be specially woven, and I have a very comfortable and warm gown as a result.

I am extremely grateful, as well as it being a happy memory of my parent, need I say more.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Coad


Dear Daniel and Julie,

I am very pleased to have been asked to provide you with my testimonial:

I am very happy to own some gowns manufactured by Daniel Hanson.

They are state of the art pieces, using superb silks, unique, elegant designs, with excellent built and wear very comfortably too.

Mr Hanson is very attentive to details and always aims to accommodate every specific requests.

With my best regards

Renato Polizzi


Daniel Hanson is a true artisan of  exquisite unique robes. He is an expert in fabrications and has access to the best mills in the world. His studio in Nottingham is a temple to his collections and 25 years in the Design and Manufacturing industry. All the team are like family and work hard to gain perfection, the best pattern cutters, seamstresses and garment technologists create luxury robes that customers adore and will come back for again and again.

I have personally worked  with Daniel over the last 16 years in a creative partnership. We have enjoyed working on Exclusives for Harrods for many years with great success.

The robes are made very well and the value for money is particularly good, with the finest fabrics, Daniel ensures the robes are wearable luxury product that stands the test of time. This ensures customer satisfaction and repeat buyers who appreciate quality and the luxuries of life.

The robes can be very avant-garde and bold or a more modest look, perfectly cut and stylishly piped. They are worn by all from royal families, international jet setters, business men and women who see the robe as part of their Interior. Or simply people who enjoy being comfortable in their leisure time. 

Eleanor Higgs

Menswear Luxury Collections Buyer at Harrods

Dear Julie,

My father was a great fan of your products, and I bought him one of your beautiful cashmere dressing gowns for Christmas several years ago that he wore continuously. The burgundy colour and the workmanship is superb. Your service and response was excellent and efficient and it was a great pleasure dealing with you. I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase an item of luxury that will last and wear very well over time.

Kindest regards


"Daniel Hanson’s robes are the most luxurious way of staying home, they make you feel like an emperor or empress, protected, sheltered and regal.

Wearing the robe is already feeling like in a precious day, in a precious moment. “


Dear Daniel,

In 2013 I was on the hunt for the finest Dressing Gowns in the world. After completing my due diligence I came upon the Daniel Hanson line. Seeing that Daniel has clients by the likes of royalty and Hollywood fame I thought it would be safe to order something for my Welsh born Medical University President who enjoys wearing only the finest in designer clothing.

I wasn’t sure that he would approve but I was grateful to see his smile when he tried it on for the first time. The quality of the gown is wonderful and definitely matches his exquisite taste in cloth and clothing. I think he also enjoys knowing he is in the best of company since it is Definitely a Dressing Gown fit for a king!

With Kindest Regards and appreciation,

Dr. Janet Angel

Lake Forest, Illinois.


After years of lounging about in a frayed old robe, I decided to upgrade my wardrobe to something a bit more elegant. Disappointed by the dearth of quality offerings here in the U.S., I was told about Daniel Hanson by an English friend.

Any apprehension I had about ordering a custom garment online quickly evaporated after contacting Daniel Hanson. Daniel and his wife Julie were terrific to deal with. They were courteous and kind in addressing my concerns and offered helpful advice regarding designs, measurements, fabric choices and trimming details.

I ordered two dressing gowns, a lightweight silk and a heavier cashmere and silk. Although here in the U.S. we tend to refer to these simply as “robes,” whatever term you use, they are without a doubt exquisite garments. The fabrics are spectacular and the quality of workmanship is on par with the best shops in Savile Row. They were shipped on time and arrived beautifully packaged via FedEx.

Daniel and Julie and their team do a great job producing these fabulous garments and once you wear one you will never be satisfied with anything less.

James De Lorenzo

Becket, Massachusetts

Dear Julie
Indeed I have tried it on and it is fabulous, just as I knew it would be. The only problem is I am now torn between enjoying this cold spell because it gives me an excuse to change into my 'loungewear' when I get home and that means being able to wear my Cashmere Robe more often and wanting it to get a little warmer so I can 'waft' about the house in my new Kimono. I guess I should count myself lucky to be spoilt for choice!
Would it be possible for you to let me know when you introduce some new silks in your kimono range as eventually I would like another, so I don't have to remember to pack this one when we go to Wales in the Summer?
Thank you to you and your staff for the excellent craftsmanship and customer Service.
Hope you all had a good start to the New Year.


Dear Mr Hanson,

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to make a single kimono for me. I have just returned from a trip and found the finished garment awaiting me and find it to be perfect in every respect. I am most grateful to you for having taken trouble to meet my needs.


Stanley Marcus.